Cancellation Policy

Orders can only be cancelled and refunded in full within 24 hours of original order date and time. After 24 hours, orders cannot be refunded in full. Processing fees, re-stock fees, or production costs will be charged, depending on the stage of the order when cancelled.

Returns Policy

Due to the custom nature of garage doors, all sales are final. Once an order has been delivered to the Buyer's location, it may not be returned unless a manufacturer's defect is determined or damage has occurred in transit.

  • DoorsOn-Line will not accept returns on product that was damaged due to improper handling after delivery.
  • DoorsOn-Line will not accept returns on orders where the door opening was measured incorrectly by the purchaser, thus resulting in the wrong size garage door or track set application.

Delivery, Claims and Returns Procedures

NOTE: To reduce risk of freight damage, most sectional door orders will ship on a company truck from regional distribution centers, but orders may occasionally ship with an LTL carrier (less than truckload carrier). Coiling Roll-up Doors will always be crated and ship LTL.

  1. Before acceptance of the freight, buyer needs to fully inspect the goods for shortages and damage. Cartons or crates should be opened before acceptance, to check for concealed damage.
  2. Buyer shall sign the carrier's receipt and/or pick list showing acceptance of goods delivered and note damage or shortage, if any, on said document.
  3. If damage or shortages are found, Buyer shall e-mail Doors On-line immediately with details of what needs to be replaced, name of carrier and freight bill number.
  4. Claims for shortages or other errors in delivery must be made known to Doors On-line within five days of delivery.
  5. Any products involving a defect or damage claim must be stored at delivery location. A Doors On-line representative may need to inspect the product.
  6. If a legitimate claim or manufacturer's defect has been determined, the damaged product will be picked up and a replacement order will be processed and re-shipped with high priority.