• Traditional Carriage House

    This economical version of the carriage house style overhead door is a hybrid between Traditional Raised Panel doors and the Classica Carriage House doors.

    Four panel designs:

    • Short Vertical Bead Board design
    • Long Vertical Bead Board design
    • Recessed Panel design
    • Raised Panel design
  • Commercial Overhead Doors

    Heavy duty industrial grade doors and accessories are available here. Door sections are available with deep ribs, shallow ribs, or flush panels.

    Special track options available upon request:

    • Low Headroom Track
    • Follow The Roof Pitch Track
    • High-lift Track (for high ceilings)
    • Full Vertical Lift Track
  • Classica Carriage House

    Believe it or not ... this is an  upward moving overhead door, even though it truly appears be a swing-out type door. Distinctive styling is produced with the 3-section high designs, in lieu of traditional doors, which are 4 or 5 sections high.

    • 7 panel designs to choose from, including 3 designs in various cross-buck patterns
    • All designs are stamped, which means, no worries of troublesome overlays becoming loose.
  • Coiling Roll-up Doors

    For quicker and easier installations, consider the light gauge steel roll-up doors.

    • 26 gauge galvanized steel corrugated curtain
    • 20 colors: baked-on polyester paint with 20 year warranty

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View some samples of doors.