The Professional Installation Option is available only for Sectional Doors (up to 20' wide or 12' high).

Standard Installation Procedures


Especially in hurricane zones, always be sure to check with your local Building Department concerning any zoning requirements and building permits you may be required to have for garage door installation.

Scheduling Site Inspection:

Within a few days after your order is submitted to us, you will be contacted by an installation professional to schedule an on-site inspection of your building and garage door opening.

What takes place at the site inspection?

  • Your installer will verify that the door was ordered correctly.
  • All clearances will be checked, including the head-room, side-room, and back-room clearances, to verify the proper track has been ordered.
  • He will also determine if any special requirements or structural preparation is needed prior to installation of your new garage door.
  • Your door order can be cancelled within 2 days after site inspection with 3% or $50 fee, which ever is greater.

Upon completion of the site inspection:

  • Your installer will notify Doors On-Line if any additional work is needed or changes are required. Doors On-Line will then contact you to inform you of what needs to be done and collect additional charges, if applicable.
  • Doors will then be ordered from the factory, if not in stock at the Regional Distribution Center.
  • Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded, without substantial re-stock fees, if more than 2 days from site inspection date.
  • Doors are usually installed within 2-6 weeks, depending if stock or factory order.
  • Your professional installer will contact you to schedule the delivery and installation, after he has received the product from the Regional Distribution Center.

Preparing for Your Installation:

You will need to clear your garage at least 10 feet back from the entry way so that your installer will have the necessary space for a safe installation process.

Removal of Existing Doors:

Take-down and disposal of old steel sectional doors is included. Extra charges, up to $100 / door, may apply for take-down and disposal of one-piece slab doors or wood doors.


  • An adult, 18 years of age or older, must be present for the installation. This person must be authorized to sign all paperwork, including the Certificate of Completion, once the garage door installation is complete.
  • Your previously installed electric motor operator will be connected to the new door, but only if the motor operator includes proper safety accessories.
  • Finally, the installer will review the warranty, care and operation of your new garage door.

Commercial Type Installations

All standard installation prices, quoted on-line, are estimates and are subject to possible up charges upon site inspection.

Standard installation costs do not include many commercial type applications, including, but not limited to the following:

  • High ceilings more than 2 feet above the opening.
  • Extraordinary requirements to remove existing doors, such as cutting into transportable pieces, etc.
  • Welding requirements for installation.
  • Special springing for some large, heavy doors requiring duplex springs or torsion rear.

The following track applications are not available on-line but are available upon special request.

  • High-lift track (extended vertical track)
  • Full vertical lift track
  • Follow the roof pitch track

Special installation prices can be provided upon request and may require site inspection before quoting installation labor.

If we need make a job site visit before quoting installation, there would be a small cost associated with ‚Äčthe site inspection.

Additional Information:

You may contact Doors On-line with any questions:

Phone: 800-745-1682 or 937-526-3727